Specialist Farm Management Advice

Intensive advice geared to the level of farmer experience from basic to advanced


The current farming business is assessed, this involves accounts analysis/benchmarking together with a thorough farm inspection.
Limiting factors are established and the objectives of the business defined.


The optimum farming system is identified and costed. Physical and financial targets are set and contained in the farm plan which includes:

  • Grassland management plan
  • Income projections
  • Cash flow projections

If necessary, this plan can be presented to Banks and negotiations entered into.

Implement & Monitor

This is done through the provision of regular farm visits which include advice on grassland management, nutritional advice and financial advice. After each farm visit, a memo is issued to the farmer with recommendations specific to the farm to follow until the next farm visit.


In todays challenging climate, the farmer has to be both technically and financially efficient.

  • Financial – One of our objectives is to improve financial efficiency and again this is dealt with within the farm plan and through the regular farm visits.
  • Technical – The optimum level of inputs and outputs that should be targeted for each farm varies widely depending on individual circumstances such as soil type, quota restrictions etc. Firstly we define the optimum level of efficiency then aim to achieve this through the farm visits giving regular technical advice as well as being available at the end of the phone when issues arise.